Light art extending your mind!

“Where do thoughts arise? Emotions? Are they a solo product of the brain or do they also arise in connection with the body, time and space? – LUCEARTE collective

Light Art Weekend takes place in Berlin Alte Münze (the oldest “coin factory” of the city). It combines scientific theories and phenomena with light art.

“Where does the mind stop and the rest of the world begin?” – Andy Clark and David Chalmers

The “Extended mind” philosophy specifies that the mind, the body and the environment can be seen as a whole cognitive system, as such the mind is extended into the world. “Thoughts not only originate within the brain but are actively influenced by one’s body and space” (Clark, Chalmers 1998)

Following this theory as an inspiration 12 artists created light installations for the exhibition as a collective. Focusing on interactive and immersive artworks using light as the main medium.

I was personally excited about this exhibition, first because the ARTE LUCE collective mission of creating a discussion on perceptions, feelings and ideas arisen during the exhibition is exactly what I am trying to do as well, giving inspiration and feedbacks. And second, on a higher scale because of my artworks similar intention, to connect people through art, sensations and experiences.

Regine Schumann’s “Dreamteam” _ extended mind exhibition 2018 Berlin

The first project encountered was “Dreamteam” this visionary fluorescent immersive artwork by Regine Schumann. The sensation of walking on clouds in a magical scenario created at first the right atmosphere for daydreaming. Then, when my friends joined me it suddenly changed, space became more playful. Always being careful, we started to dance individually and exploring by playing around the dark light cosmo of this artwork.

East of the Sun, spatial sculpture by Yvonne Goulbier_ _ extended mind exhibition 2018 Berlin


In-finities, Shuster & Moseley, 2018 ExtendedMind Exhibition

The exhibition itself was an astonishing discovery, every room had its own tune and atmosphere. Highlight for this exhibition: In-finities, with its minimal look and simple use of glass and light, made me feel in outer space. I felt like gravity was missing and I was floating in space where light and shapes are just mere memories of earth.

The exhibition slightly got lost in the matter of succession, though. It was clear to me that the rooms have been chosen by the artist as the best space for the artwork, not always a bad decision, but as the experience of the exhibition is a path, this should be taken into consideration. The last rooms sadly lost attraction as they were really minimal and placed after a few immersive artworks. The first three rooms (Dreamteam, In-finities and East of the sun all in the pictures above) were rich in stimulus, immersive and full of wonder. One room had the contraposition of two completely different Mapping concepts: three “planets” made for admiring and an interactive audiovisual installation that reacts to movement and sound. In a few words, a playful installation in the same room as a deep-thinking one. As I have been in the same situation in few exhibitions, I know what it means having to share the space given, but I am sure that Clifton Mahangoe spheres lost eye catch and thoroughly feedback because of the shared space and that is a pity.

The Sphere III, 2016, Clifton Mahangoe_extended mind exhibition


The temper of the artworks was really high, inducing your reflection as “good art” doesn’t leave us indifferent.




Claudia Livia