I don’t understand what a New Media Artist is

New media art is combining site + apparatus + emotional expression take in consideration every aspect of the audience behaviour and experience

Within the evolving art genres, someone can get lost into terms that don’t immediately recollect the right imaginary.

Contemporary art has begun a long time ago to dismantle the idea of traditional framed art, this time in favour of crossing boundaries with geekiness. New media Art: a trend that is now driving towards fusing human senses, technology and infinite nuances and tools.

Therefore, “what is New Media Art”? I have been asked countless times this question and essentially who didn’t ask me was probably simply assuming to understand what I did mean by it. New media art is such an interdisciplinary and multifaced category that makes it incomprehensible and laborious to explain in a few words, but I should try.

Let’s say that a media artist has to be very creative in their exhibit, not only the media they choose as the tool is in fact the single thing to conceive. Some artists choose to hide the equipment from the view, some choose to show it as part of the artwork. Some choose to integrate the public into it. In this case, it would add interactive to its features. Interactive art pieces invite the audience to participate, becoming an integral part of the artwork. Without participants, it would not be complete and in this sense, a new media artist has to think how a human interacts with objects as a product designer would do.

Some installations use also the exhibition space as part of their design, as in the case of immersive art pieces.

Lightening, space guidance not just with visuals but though auditory, olfactory and biosensing materials. Every of these is part of New Media art.

So why artists chose to be in the new media field if it’s so complicated?

The power that art installations have on us is partially explained by the way they appeal to our senses. When all these elements combine, the art experience can become a deeply moving one.

The new capability of art is to expand the power of personal feelings to provoke them simultaneously in many people. Departing from the artist’s needs and imagination the art installation succeeds in disconnecting the spectators from their everyday surroundings and transporting them to a place for deep self-contemplation.

Claudia Livia