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I don’t understand what a New Media Artist is

Within the evolving art genres, someone can get lost into terms that don’t immediately recollect the right imaginary. Contemporary art has begun a long time ago to dismantle the idea of traditional framed art, this time in favour of crossing boundaries with geekiness. New media Art: a trend that is now driving towards fusing human # read more

Whisper: Exhibition open until 26 may 2019

The 8th of March, in the beautiful location of the old port of Trieste, opened the Biennale Internazionale Donna (International Women Biennale) where women artist from all over the world are central figure, and of course where I am partecipating with Whisper. For sure not just a coincidence that the opening had been set for # read more

Light art extending your mind!

“Where do thoughts arise? Emotions? Are they a solo product of the brain or do they also arise in connection with the body, time and space? – LUCEARTE collective Light Art Weekend takes place in Berlin Alte Münze (the oldest “coin factory” of the city). It combines scientific theories and phenomena with light art. “Where # read more

Lee Bul: Crash into a world between art and reality

“I wanted to remove the line that divides reality and art and merge them together to see how it unfolded” – Lee Bul One of the most important Korean artists of her generation. Graduated in Sculpture in Seoul in 1987 recognized in it a limit for her expression and opened her practice to Performance and # read more

Error – The art of imperfection

An exhibition of Ars Electronica’s ERROR in Berlin Itself, an Error is “merely” a deviation from what we expect. And this is exactly where the artists in this exhibition come to play. What is a mistake if we are no longer able to recognize the deviation at all? Could you understand if this is an # read more

Manipulate light, Manipulate reality.

Light Is a peculiar part of creating the right atmosphere. “It remains the ultimate ephemeral element that actively shapes and colors our experience of the world”(Gestalten, 2015) The characteristic that makes light so important is that space can be luminous and bright one moment and dark and mysterious the second after. “Our time” by U.V.A. for example, # read more

The Immersive space: enticing universes for visitors to navigate

So what is exactly an immersive space? “A type of experience in which the subjective awareness appears to merge with the artwork, so as to create a sensation of a new, more powerful, experience of totality”. The complexity of the definition may be related to one of the characteristics itself. Immersive space is given by an # read more

Flow, the prototype that started Emotional Resonance

Flow: an interactive prototype Flow is born from the collaboration with the Mexican artist and designer Javier Gurza Nahle in 2016. The first time for me to use an heartbeat (pulse) sensor. The concept was to synchronize your heart pulse to flash of light, to see it “as pulse of life”; We commonly relate the heart beat # read more

New empathic approaches to art, positive change?

“You can contemplate a painting, but our world is no longer static. This art form reflects the complexity of the world we live in.” – David Familian In a world marked by rapid change as now, the possible knowledge should be the focus on new approaches to art, new tools which alone or mixed with # read more

The “good” art does not leave us indifferent.

We assume to be able to feel emotions like sadness for the characters of a film, to be able to be scared of a monster displayed on the screen or even to smile optimistic listening to a happy song. And this ability is a possible reason why in a first place we are approaching Art # read more

Claudia Livia