17-20 September 2021

SENSITIVE LIGHTS Claudia Livia Solo exhibition 

Villa Albrizzi Marini, Spazio Scuderia, Bassano del Grappa, Treviso, (VE) Italy

Emotional Resonance & Whisper

Held in the art gallery in the evocative 16th century villa, “Sensitive lights” the first Solo exhibition by multimedia artist Claudia Livia draws attention to the details of light reflections in an incredible contrast between interactive and technological art in a historic and picturesque space.

Emotional Resonance - Villa Albrizzi Marini (VE)
Whisper - Villa Albrizzi Marini (VE)

08 Mar 2019 – 26 May 2019



For sure not just a coincidence that the opening had been set for the 8th of march, the international Women´s day has been the perfect occasion to celebrate women artist from all over the world, as a matter of facts women from Australia, China, India, Africa, and of course Europe are participating this edition of the Biennale of Trieste.

01 Sep 2018 – 13 Oct 2018

MONUMENTA – Leipzig – Pittlerwerke

Defy Gravity

In Leipzig, on the facility ground of the old Pittlerwerke, we will create the largest gallery space in Germany, where street and contemporary art, graffiti, installation, music, performance, and fine art are combined to form a total work of art, that celebrates the intelligence-of-many.
With artists of different disciplines, we will combine opposites and let differences crash.

17 Feb 2018 – 01 Apr 2018

SEA BY THE CITY – Galerija Vžigalica -Ljubljana, Slovenia

Emotional Resonance

The second exhibition in the series Ljubljana Bows to Slovenia is crossing the national border to present contemporary artists from far and near who have set up a home in greater Trieste. Having been considered historically a window on the world for Slovenians, this port had a strong cultural and economic impact on the region and on artists of Slovenian descent. 

25 Nov 2017 – 21 Jan 2018


Emotional Resonance

The goals of the exhibition are many: to open the historical District of the Old Port of Trieste; to support and highlight, thanks to female abilities, a shared cultural space, promoting an European
nationality through cooperation amongst public and private operators, as well as participating countries institutions.

29 Sep 2017 – 23 Sep 2017

MASTER EXHIBITION, UE – University of Applied Sciences – Berlin

Emotional Resonance

MASTER DEGREE Exhibition. The Master consists of interdisciplinary project teams that research innovative communication solutions within the realm of where real and virtual spaces come together.

14 Jul 2016 – 17 Jul 2016

Mixed Realities – Academie Lounge 


presents several media installations of Master students of the MA Media Spaces Program at the University of Applied Science Berlin. The installations revolve around the building Köthener Strasse 44 itself, one of the few buildings that have been standing untouched in this area for around the last 100 years. From the building, the thematic topics of the installations extend further into the historical aspects of the Potsdamer Platz area in general.

11 Nov 2016

EVA Berlin – Electronic Media and Visual Art Conference- Berlin


The credibility, resilience and authenticity of digital data and models are ultimately the great challenge of memory institutions. In addition to digital curating, it is always about curating digital data that is collected, preserved and conveyed with the same care as it is presented to the original collection exhibits. The “Digital Unikat” will prove to be a coin in exchange and traffic of the currency image on the Internet in the future.


29 Sep 2017 – 23 Sep 2017

ARS ELECTRONICA – Radical Atoms – Linz 


Ars Electronica has been accompanying and analyzing the digital revolution and its manifold implications since 1979. It has consistently focused and focuses on processes and trends at the interface between art, technology, and society. This artistic-scientific research becomes visible in the form of a festival that is organized every year in Linz (Austria). Its five-day program comprises conferences, panel discussions, workshops, exhibitions, performances, interventions, and concerts. 

Claudia Livia