Emotional Resonance: An Interactive Installation Controlled by Biometric Data

Emotional Resonance is transforming bio-data into motion and light reflections. As such, it explores the emotions mediated by an interactive art installation. The project aims to foster the discourse on how biometric technology can cause emotions and consequently connect us with an installation, a responsive machine or interactive art in general. May a machine which is synchronizing with our
pulse create a direct affecting connection? How should an interactive machine or an art installation aim to generate empathy? This paper attempts to answer these questions by exploring the interactive installation Emotional Resonance, which creates an invisible bond between people and
art made of empathy.

in Proceedings of the Conference on Electronic Media and Visual Arts (EVA), Copenhagen, 2018

Pdf: 6 pages
Publisher: The British Computer Society

Language: english 

Authors: Claudia Livia, Katrin Wolf

Whisper: sensing and enciphering secrets through a kinetic installation.

The installation Whisper is transforming spoken secrets into motion and light reflections. The thereby created visualization of the secrets is not understandable using common communication modalities. As such, Whisper is creating a magic moment of information translation into a language of motion and light. Whisper allows visitors to see the whispering of a secret without hearing it, and therefore it allows the secret to keep its most important feature, not to be revealed. As such, Whisper enables an engagement of the public with their hidden intimate part and thus, it is creating moments of intimacy and playful beauty.

Pdf: 5 pages

Publisher: Proceedings of the 16th International Conference on Mobile and Ubiquitous Multimedia (MUM ’17). ACM, New York, NY, USA, 549-553.
Language: english

Authors: Claudia Livia, Katrin Wolf

Claudia Livia