Emotional Resonance

Empathy is crucial in life, as well as in art. But: How should art aim to generate empathy?

Emotional Resonance attempts to answer that question by exploring the homonymous phenomenon that creates an invisible bond between emotions, people, and experiences.

The heartbeat is a linear and independent response to our emotions, captured by the artwork and translated into lights and water movements to create a unique visualization of your feelings. An artwork as a medium to share sensations and to see their resonance in the space.


When entering the space, two almost empty bowls of water are pointed out with spotlights over them. The water reflections are on the ground under the light beam.

Two spheres are located in the space, next to each bowl. These spheres are the way to interact and control the artwork. When you grab one, it catches your heartbeat and starts to shine in correspondence of your heart rhythm.

This interaction activates a mechanism which let water drop from the ceiling to the correspondent Bowl following the same heartbeat rhythm. The drop falling reaches the water in the bowl and generates movement, reflected than in the ground. Every bowl has the same mechanism and works on his own, but the meaning of having 2 of them is to create interaction between them, not physically, but creating a shared experience and space for emotions.

The installation invites the visitors to interact with their senses, to share their heartbeat and connect to the artwork. The visitors immersed in the movement and sound of water drops lost is an aesthetic pleasure.


Claudia Livia