Memories Storage of a Place and Time

Memory is our ability to store and subsequently recall information and past experiences in the brain. They are not stored in our minds like books on library shelves but are actually reconstructions from elements dispersed through different areas of our brains.

How many times a do a smell, for example, bring back in your mind a specific memory? How many other images snap-in that same moment?

When we see a picture, we are able to remember the details, but only for a short period. As time passes by, we lose parts of the memories, leaving us with memory fragments.

Fragments is an interactive artwork in which walking in the space triggers memories, more you walk into your mind more you can recall. Once a person enters in a completely dark room, pieces of the past start to appear one by one according to his movement. All images are projected on the layers of transparent curtains, hanging in the space creating depth for the memories image collage.

The dark room symbolizes our memory, a subconscious hidden space stimulated by sensorial events.  The images our memory fragments, and walking our recalling experience.

Claudia Livia