Kinetic Light Installation Enciphering Secrets

What is a secret if not something undetectable? Whispering a secret means not to reveal it, the sound of a whisper makes indistinguishable the words and therefore, cannot be heard, but what if it can be seen?

The installation Whisper is based on a concept about the spreading of secrets done so through the action of whispering. It creates a visualization of a sound using a configuration of moving elements playing with light reflections.

Unlike other audio-visual art installation projects, which use a visualization of sound waves – from music or human voices- directly in a form of light, this Kinetic Sculpture decodes sound waves of whispering into electricity, to move two motors and the blower allowing a more complete choreography of light through the reflective material. This characteristic allows the machine to represent the unique sound of a secret but doesn’t permit to hearing it.

A project which involves an experience mediated by an interactive machine, using it for experience sound in a unique way.

Art has always been the tool for better understanding the human world of feelings, the unconscious and secret part of us.

If you could say anything you want without anyone to hear you…what would you say?



This installation provides a feeling engagement opportunity to explore the role of secrets in our behaviour. It enables visitors to share something usually hidden without intact their own privacy.




Claudia Livia